Amos Holbrook

Marion, WI

Rugged Cross Outdoors Youth Ministry Media Technology

Hi there, my name is Amos Holbrook,

I am from a small town called Marion right in the heart of Wisconsin and in the heart of whitetail country, I might add. I am a serious hunter and follower of Jesus Christ, and will do anything that brings me and others to a better relationship with the one true King – Jesus Christ.

I have been a Christian most of my life. I grew up with awesome parents who loved the Lord and spread His love to all us 13 children….That’s right…..I have 12 brothers and sisters! Ha ha! (7 bro’s and 5 sisters) and I love them all very much.

My walk with Christ has had its ups and downs. Even though I knew He was in my heart, I always felt kind of distant. I struggled with a lot of things growing up and I have made choices that I knew God didn’t approve of. Of course these choices took me down the wrong path, but God was always there waiting for me with open arms (though not to say I didn’t have consequences for my actions). But God was with me through it all! I am also blessed to have parents, brothers, sisters and friends who I can talk to when I need to hear some good and Godly advice or encouragement, and today I can say I am closer with my Savior than ever before!

My brother Sam got me into hunting at a young age by taking me with hm several times. He never shot an animal while I was with him, but we saw plenty of deer. That was all I needed to fuel the passion for chasing whitetails. I took my hunter safety course when i was 12 and passed. I got my first bow (Hoyt Raptor), and was in the woods by age 13 and shot my first deer that year! However, I missed it twice before shooting it in the spine (God really wanted me to get that doe). My brother helped me clean it and the rest is history.

I met up with the guys from Rugged Cross Outdoors at Lifest in Oshkosh Wisconsin in July of 2011 and when I learned that they were a group of hunters with a drive to spread the Gospel of Christ, I knew wanted in! After a few conversations, prayer and an interview for a volunteer position, I was on my way to Buffalo County, WI as a camera man for RCO! That trip was one of the best memories I have and I learned a lot about filming hunts. Later that fall I also had a chance to go to Pennsylvania with RCO for a youth hunt. Through it all I drew closer to Christ while at the same time spreading His AMAZING love and grace to the kids that participated in that hunt. There is nothing better than perusing the elusive whitetail deer or any other wild game while at the same time sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with others.

Thank you and God Bless!

Amos Holbrook

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