RCO is Making a Difference!

RCO is Making a Difference!

This is how RCO is impacting lives around the country in the name of Jesus Christ! (click on picture above to watch video)

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Welcome to our Passion

Rugged Cross Outdoors is a 501(C) 3 non-profit organization and will serve as the platform for our ministry – Missions trips to the Woods, Lakes, Fields and Streams.  The organization was created to fulfill the ultimate plan that God has instilled in our hearts – to go out into the outdoor world and share the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Mission

Rugged Cross Outdoors is a ministry committed to Glorifying Jesus Christ using what He has created to spread the Word of God while encouraging fellowship to make a difference in the lives of outdoor enthusiast.

What We Believe

Our ministry opportunities foster an environment conducive for spiritual growth for all who love to hunt or just simply enjoy the outdoors. We believe in promoting biblical truth about our Creator and Savior in a non-threatening way. We strive to actively demonstrate the wonderful impact of Jesus Christ in our daily lives. We work to exemplify the importance of having an interactive relationship with Jesus Christ.

We support sound conservation efforts directed at maximizing and improving the land and the wildlife that inhabit this world. We are committed to spreading interest in the sport of hunting to our youth and other diverse populations in order to better preserve the future of hunting.

We also believe in supporting organizations designed to advocate for our rights to bear arms and preserve the sport of hunting. We believe in hunter education programs that promote solid hunting ethics and weapon safety for all people interested in the sport of hunting.

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