How can I support Rugged Cross Outdoors?


1. Through Prayer Support:

• Pray that RCO would be able to share the good news of Jesus Christ affectively with all outdoor enthusiasts we get involved with.

• Pray that God will use all RCO members to fulfill His will and not ours.

• Pray that God will provide RCO with the needed resources to accomplish His mission for RCO.


2. Through Financial Support:

• Please consider supporting us with a monthly donation.  We have an incredible opportunity to use God’s country to help make a huge difference in the lives of people that go unreached year after year. Please consider supporting RCO by making a financial donation. See monthly donation packages and Team Apparel below.

• If each person that visited our webpage did this, we would be able to continue growing and could conduct additional mission trips and reach out to even more people for Christ.

It doesn’t need to be a huge gift to make a big difference!  Did you know that for just $0.17 a day, ($5.00/month) you can make a significant impact on the RCO ministry?  It all starts with one person who is willing to make a difference!

• If you would like to make a safe donation on-line, click on the donate button below.  You can also donate by clicking on the RCO gift card link below .  Print the gift card, fill it out and mail it in with your donation to RCO.


3. Get involved with RCO:

• If you love to hunt the great outdoors and are interested in filming and hunting, consider becoming a Voluntary Field Staff Member. Click Here for Volunteer Field Staff Application

• If you are committed to serving Jesus Christ and feel God calling you to serve in an outdoor ministry, consider learning how to become an RCO Ministry Leader.

• If you own an outfitting company or you own/lease hunting land and would be interested in granting permission for the RCO team to conduct hunts for our youth ministry, disabled ministry, our media ministry or by donating a hunt.

• For more information on these opportunities, contact us at 1-989-600-0747 or send us an email at

“Making a difference in the lives of Outdoor Enthusiasts!”™


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Join and help make a difference in the lives outdoor enthusiasts by becoming a partner of Rugged Cross Outdoors

As an RCO Partner, you will be enable RCO to:

  • Make a positive impact on our youth, people with disabilities as well as adults who love to hunt and fish.
  • Assist in making an Eternal impact on those who love to hunt and fish by contributing financially to the Great Commission.
  • Enable RCO to go out into the outdoor world and spread the Good News of Jesus Christ in a non-threatening yet effective way.

*Advantage Plus partners will be invited to participate in an Outfitter Outreach Ministry event via a whitetail hunt at Montgomery Outdoor Adventures (MOA)

**Advantage Plus and Premier partners will be invited to participate in an Outfitter Outreach Ministry event via a pre-established fully guided trophy whitetail hunt with RCO during the rut in the Midwest filmed by the RCO team

*** Premier Plus partners will be invited to participate in an Outfitter Outreach Ministry event via a pre-established world class fully guided trophy hunt filmed by the RCO team

Note: Advantage Plus, Premier and Premier Plus partners attending an Outfitter Outreach Ministry event (as indicated above) are completely voluntary. However, we encourage this participation as it does allow our partners to see the ministry that occurs during these pre-established hunts