Bill Shooltz

Midland, MI

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Hi, my name is Bill Shooltz

I was born and raised in Michigan. I am married to a wonderful woman named Laurie. I have two sons Evan and Collin whom I am very proud of. I started hunting when I was 15 years old. That’s when my dad started taking me deer hunting. It was at that time when my family moved to a more rural area and as I made friends, the majority of them also hunted. During this time I started to hunt small game as well.

What I like about hunting is the whole package. From scouting to setting up stands or blinds, the art of figuring out a game plan, executing it and actually having it work. Then being ready mentally and physically, having practiced thoroughly with whatever arm you’re using and to make the last minute decisions right before you take the shot.

It’s a tremendous feeling, that’s hard to put into words, when it all comes together. But then there’s the proverbial “bad situation that’s getting worse” scenario. Anybody that has done much hunting knows what I’m talking about, everything is going according to plan, and I mean it’s perfect. Then it just melts away like it was some kind of dream or something. It’s disappointing, yes, but it was a good dream while it lasted and makes a good story and a great memory!

I have always enjoyed the outdoors and hunting just seemed to be a natural extension of that. The more time I spend in this wonderful creation of God the more I appreciate this awesome planet He created. Over the years I have had chances to share my passion of hunting, especially whitetail deer, by taking people along with me that didn’t have a place to hunt. To see the excitement in their faces when they harvested a deer, especially if it’s their first, was such a blessing for them as well as me. Perhaps that is what drew me to Rugged Cross Outdoors, not only do these guys like to hunt, (boy do they!) but they have a passion for the people around them and helping them to understand the God of all creation.

Jesus Rocks and God Bless!


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