Darvis Russell

Karlstad, MN

Hello everyone my name is Darvis Russell,

I was born and raised in Wisconsin and now I make my home in Karlstad, MN which is a small town of about 800 people. I met my wife Tami at Oak Hills Bible College in Bemidji, MN and we have been married since August 4th, 1990. In the years following, God has blessed us with 4 beautiful childern; Brian, Jodi, Aaron and Katie.

My love and passion for the outdoors started when I was very young. It seemed like whenever I could I was out shooting my BB gun, fishing down at the river, shooting my bow or anything eles, as long as it was in the outdoors. When I reached the age of tweleve I was finally old enough to go deer hunting with my dad. I still remember my dad had shot his deer the first weekend and it wasn’t until the last day of the season that I was able to harvest my very first deer. I can remember how nervous I was and how bad I was shaking, in fact I was shaking so much that I ended up missing that deer completely on my first shot and it was only 25 yards away! I can also remember the adrenaline rush that I got right before the moment of truth and I still get that very same feeling today when I am out hunting. But, the one thing I will never forget is the time I got to spend in the outdoors with my dad. I am so thankful to have a dad who took the time and effort to pass onto me something that he had a love and passion for. Now, with having childern of my own I have the opportunity to do the same thing with them.

I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior at a young age and I have tried to live my life according to his will. It has only been in the last few years of my life, through different circumstances and trials that I have come to have a more deeper and meaningful relationship with my Lord and Savior. One thing I have thought about a lot and have struggled with the most in the last fedw years is what God would have me to do with my life. Is where I am right now where God wants me to be? It has only been through this deeper relationship with Christ and by spending more time in His Word, prayer and by simply asking that I have come to realize that I am right where God wants me to be. I also realized that God can use me right where I am; in my community, in my chruch and in my job. I can be a testimony and a light right here in Karlstad, MN.

When I first found out about Rugged Cross Outdoors on the internet and I had the chance to read through their website to find out who and what they were all about I knew that this was something I had to pursue. Through this ministry I will be able to take the love and passion God has given me for the outdoors and use it to help further His Kingdom. How can it possibly get and better than that! I look forward to what God has in store for me and also for this ministry.

In His service,

Darvis Russell

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