Jacob Haught

Warrensburg, MO

Hi, I’m Jacob Haught, I was born on June 30th, 1991 in Warrensburg, Missouri. My loving parents are Ray and Karen Haught. I grew up living in Warrensburg and attended chruch for most of my young childhood. My father was a pastor at a small chruch around Leeton, Missouri. As I grew into a teenager I began to understand who Jesus Christ really was. At age 11 I was baptized into Jesus Christ by my father and my walk with God began that day. Later that same year a new passion began as well, being out in God’s great creation! At age 11 I was able to pass my hunter’s safety course and beome a licensed hunter.

Growing up I loved to be in the woods with my dad. He would take both my brother and I out hunting with him every chance he got. When it was my turn to carry a gun into the deer woods it felt like a new chapter in my life was beginning. As I grew into a young man, I found peace and closeness in the woods with my Heavenly Father. During these times in the woods I also discovered another joy in my life, taking the next generation out hunting as well. Through these experiences with young people out in the woods, a passion for reaching out to the youth began to form and I started to get involved with the young people in my home church in Warrensburg. It was from these moments that I felt God’s call upon my heart to step into youth ministry. Accepting this call at a conference in the Colorado Rockies, I began pursuing Bible Colleges that would train and equip me.

Central Christian Bible College was my home for four years where i pursued a Bachelor of Science in Youth and Family Ministry. As the years seem to run together, my passion for the outdoors, youth ministry, and the Lord have all come together in the form of volunteering for Rugged Cross Outdoors. This ministry opportunity will open many doors for not only me, but for the people and kids around me. Needless to say, I am very excited to be out in the woods hunting every chance I get. However, my first passion will always be to love the Lord my God with all my heart and to serve Him daily.

I hope to see you in the woods sometime soon! (If you can catch me when I’m awake)



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