Jim Boyer

Worthington, PA

Hello my name is Jim Boyer! I’m from Worthington, PA. I have three wonderful girls – Brittany, Sierra and Hanna. I also have an amazing wife, Megan. She is truly a blessing from God! I went hunting for the first time when I was 12 years old and instantly fell in love with the sport. At the age of 19 I bought my first bow. It was a Bear Path and I was ready to go. The first time I harvested an animal with my bow, I was hooked and it became a passion! After many years in the woods, I thought hunting couldn’t get any better than it already was. Well, let me tell you I was wrong!

I remember one particular day as I sat at home when my two oldest daughters, Brittany and Sierra brought me some information on a youth hunt that was being put on by a ministry called Rugged Cross Outdoors (RCO). It was nice and all but at that time I was working 6-7 days a week and putting in 12+ hour days and I was exhausted. Back than, I was not exactly the kind of guy that would take off work for anything. My wife kindly informed me that it would be a good idea to take the girls on this hunt. Well guys, the boss had spoken and it was in my best interest to listen. Thank God I did!

The time I spent in the woods on that beautiful October weekend with Brittany and Sierra gave me a chance to see and learn a few things about them that I didn’t know. I got to see their passion for the outdoors and hunting. I watched them as they were eager to learn about firearm safety and various hunting strategies to harvest a deer. More importantly, I got to see a respect and love for God that I didn’t catch in the past. This really impacted me in a profound way. I also got to see both Brittany and Sierra harvest deer. Sierra’s doe was her very first harvest, man what a rush!

It was on this October youth hunt in 2012 that I also got the chance to meet Jim Duflo, Andy Kaminski, Anthony Infante and Tom DuBois and other members of the RCO crew. Not only did I get to witness my girls harvest deer, Jim and Andy gave me one of their cameras and asked me to film Brittany’s hunt. She got her opportunity and I was able to capture it all on film. Forever that moment with my daughter was captured on film for her and our family to watch and cherish forever! After spending this time with my girls and the RCO crew as well as observing the sheer joy in the eyes of 30+ youth hunters, I knew this was what I wanted to do. I knew at that moment I had a deeper purpose in life! Serving Christ while being in the outdoors; well it doesn’t get any better than that! That weekend taught me that hunting is a gift from God and once I realized that I just figured why not help spread Christ’s Word while He provides for our families through hunting opportunities. This hunt helped me to be more thankful for the little things in life that goes a long ways.

Now I am currently a Volunteer Field Staff member with Rugged Cross Outdoors and I am excited to see what God does with this ministry. I can only hope that it continues to positively affect others like it did me and my family.

See you in the field!

Jim Boyer

Thank you Jim, Andy, Tom and Anthony for a day I will never forget!


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