Kyle Montgomery

Southeastern, OH

Hello fellow hunters, my name is Kyle Montgomery and I am currently enrolled as a home-schooled student in the Abeka Christian Academy, and I am a good friend of the Rugged Cross Outdoors Team.

My favorite things to do are hunt and fish. I began hunting when I was eight. I killed my first deer with a New England Muzzleloader on a deer drive. When I was ten I started hunting with a crossbow. My dad and I hunted for a couple days with no luck. Finally, one night we got lucky and a nice 6-point buck walked out over the hill and within shooting range of the double buddy stand my dad and I occupied. We found the buck 60 yards from where it was shot.

When I turned eleven, my parents bought me a Parker Buckshot compound bow. I started shooting and once I became a better shot, my dad let me hunt with it. Even though I did not have a successful 2006 turkey season, I was ready to go when the bow season rolled around. The 2006 bow season offered many good opportunities but I did not harvest a deer due to limited hunting time. This is one of the downfalls to being a guide.

During the 2007 Youth turkey hunt, Andy and Tom came to Southeastern Ohio to hunt at my families guide service. Andy and Tom rotated hunting time with me, each taking a video camera to catch some outdoor action. After several close calls, the tables started to turn. On the fifth day of the Ohio season, I bagged my first ever Eastern gobbler with Andy at my side, video taping the whole hunt.

It was a very exciting time for me because I am a guide for my families guide service and have very limited hunting time. Spending time with Andy and the rest of the Rugged Cross Outdoors team was very enjoyable and harvesting my first Eastern gobbler made it all the more fun.

Happy hunting to you and yours,


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