Tom “Frothnag” Dubois

Sheboygan, WI

Commando Hunting Products Pro Staffer

Whitetail (Archery)

140” 10 point Whitetail (Archery) Harvested 2007 in Jamestown, ND

Hello, my name is Tom DuBois.

Most of my hunting buddies call me Frothnag. (Don’t ask it has no hidden meaning.) I was born and raised by my wonderful parents in Wisconsin before moving to Minnesota in 1999. My father loved to hunt and introduced me to hunting at a very young age. I started gun hunting for waterfowl and whitetail deer when I was 12 years old. I knew I was hooked for life, but after hunting with a gun for 8 years, I knew it wasn’t challenging enough for me. At the age of 20, I started bow hunting. The sport of bow hunting quickly became not only a hobby but also a serious passion of mine. It became the perfect challenge.

Since that time, God has blessed me with a multitude of wonderful hunting experiences. I have met a lot of awesome people, learned lesson after lesson from both watching and hunting the elusive whitetail deer, and have developed an appreciation for the Lord’s breath-taking country and its wildlife that inhabit this world. This is the very reason why I have an obligation to the sport of hunting. In a country where the whitetail deer population has soared from the brink of extinction in 1900 to more than 30 million in one century, we have an obligation to continue to effectively manage, through sound conservation, what God has created.

In fact, in Genesis 2:15 God tells us, “The Lord God placed the man in the garden of Eden as its gardener, to tend and care for it.” We have an obligation to care and respect the land that God gave us to tend. You see my obsession is not only to hunt and harvest animals but also to take care of and respect the land and all that is in it. Any wild game harvested is a gift from our Lord and is never wasted. If not used to feed our families, it is graciously donated to friends, food shelters, or other organizations that use the meat to feed the poor.

When I was 28 years old, I committed my life to the Lord Jesus Christ. It was the best thing that every happened to me. Prior to accepting Christ I lived selfishly doing only what I wanted for me and me only! This led me down troubled roads I wasn’t prepared to walk. I wandered through life aimlessly thinking I was happy yet always wondering what was missing. I looked and looked but couldn’t find contentment in my life no matter what I accomplished. There was a part of me that always wondered why I was here on this earth. In the back of my mind and in my heart, the question was always burning–is this really it? What is the purpose of life? It was these constant nudges that led me to Christ. It just became so clear to me that we were designed specifically to live in relationship with God in order to fulfill His glorious plan for us. I have been an active church member for many years and the experiences have always brought me closer to God.

Over time, God has taught me how to live happy, not through accomplishing selfish worldly desires, but by developing a healthy relationship with Him and others in my life. Currently, God has blessed me with a wonderful wife, Faith and two beautiful daughters, Kamryn and Addison. They really are a gift from God. As gifts from God, they are always my priority, even over hunting. He has also introduced me to some great friendships and taught me how to maintain them. My best friend Andy “Iedwd” Kaminski is a case in point. Iedwd and I have been friends for many years now and share the same passions in our Lord Jesus Christ and the sport of bowhunting.

That is why we believe God has directed us to take our passions to the highest level, Rugged Cross Outdoors. This ministry is designed to get out to the woods with others, to develop friendships and to spread Christ’s Living Word in a fun non-threatening yet truthful way. Just like my own life and family, Rugged Cross Outdoors is safely placed in our Lord’s hands. Christ will lead them exactly where He wants them to go. Ultimately, my passion is to reach out to millions through the sport of hunting. Friendships are priceless, A relationship with Christ Jesus is everlasting.

In His Grip,

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