Tom Kaminski

Midland, MI

 Hello my name is Tom Kaminski “Field Staff” member of Rugged Cross Outdoors. Andy “Iedwd” Kaminski co-founder of Rugged Cross Outdoors is my younger Brother. I’m very proud of my Brother and his best friend / co-founder Tom “Frothnag” Dubois. It is always AMAZING to personally witness the doors that God opens for this Special Ministry. The “Rugged Cross Outdoors Team” is truly being guided by God our Lord and Savior. God is always bringing more of the pieces of this huge puzzle together every day. It is being proven over and over again that if you truly trust in him and turn everything over to him it shall be done!

Hunting for our family has been a tradition that is continually being passed down. I will always remember our rabbit hunting trips out behind my Grandpa Kaminski’s farm. My dad and all my uncles would get together to do the hunting and my Brother and all of our Cousins would be brought along to be the dogs. It would always start out great! It was a blast to be turned loose to jump around on the brush piles that lined the edge of the fields hoping to chase the rabbits out. I can remember that it wouldn’t be long into the hunt that we would start getting tired and all we wanted was for our Dads to carry us back to the house for some hot chocolate. I also remember going out to the ground blind that my dad had constructed from tree limbs that were laying around to bowhunt for deer. Though I don’t remember my Dad ever shooting one or even really seeing one come in close enough to shoot. I have to admit that it was probably my fault because I didn’t develop my “sitting still” skills till much later in life.

The GREAT thing about hunting is now it’s my turn to pass down the tradition to my son “Junior Field Staff” member JT Kaminski. I find myself enjoying hunting and fishing even more now just by sitting behind the camera hoping to catch the moment of excitement in my Son’s eyes as he downs a deer, turkey, bear or catches what could be the next Master Angler fish! Hunting and Fishing now offers the chance to develop a special bond with my Son by enjoying a sport that we both love. There is nothing more relaxing than to just sit back and really enjoy all the sights and sounds that God has created. I feel EXTREAMLY blessed to be able to share the experience with my Son. I am so proud of him.

We are truly “Livin’ the Dream!”



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